The main aim of the Society is to integrate the work of people engaged in Bioinformatics in India and provide them a platform for showcasing and discuss their work among the peers of the field by conducting symposiums and meetings on vital concurrent topics of scientific and technical interest. The symposium cum workshop is held annually. The symposium encourages the applicants to present their authentic work through poster presentation which are allied with meetings where they can discuss the bottlenecks of their respective works. As an encouragement exceptional works among the candidates are suitably rewarded. The symposium organized annually is the foremost activity of the Society where candidates discuss various ideas and methods with their contemporaries too.
          The motive for starting this Society is to bridge the gap between the students, young researchers and professionals be it in academia research institutes or imminent people within the industry related to the core research of life science of the organization. Keeping this in reference the Society has aimed at publishing a scientific journal and provides nominal fellowship to the students/researchers enrolled as life members of the society for assistance in their research work once the fund becomes sufficiently available. It also plans to present an award for an Emerging Scientist in the field of Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery within the country based on the applicability of their work to the community and general public. The Society has undertaken to develop the drug discovery application using bioinformatics and to create the awareness in this field the Society will hold its meeting in different parts of the country especially the remote ones; is one of the proposed activity in the near future.

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